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From Colonia Suiza to your table

Granja Naturalia is located at the 22 km Picada Benítez branch just 4 km from Colonia Suiza, department of Colonia. It started  in 1991 as a different proposal for a group of milk producers in the Colonia Suiza basin. The idea was to value the raw material of excellent quality that was obtained from dairy establishments, opting for the industrialization of milk instead of remission to established industries


From the beginning the company opted for the elaboration of high quality cheeses, developing strategies for permanent improvement of the processes to maximize the possibilities of a small business. Mainly, cheeses of the Swiss line are made: Colonia, Gruyere, Emmenthal, in which the combination of the ancestral processes introduced in our country by the Helvetic immigrants, and the current knowledge of milk science was achieved.  


Likewise and due to market requirements, Muzzarellas, Dambo, Magros, Cacciocavallo, Provolone and Parmesan cheeses are made. For the company, it is a pride that the prizes that have collected their products are ranked as the best in their category.  


Since 2007 the company has participated in national and international cheese competitions where they have been evaluated by experts from our country, Argentina, Brazil, Spain, France and Italy where the following awards have been obtained:

2007 - Best cheese Uruguayan Colonia contest organized by LATU. First prize gold medal Petit Gruyere cheese in the national cheese tasting held in Colonia Valdense.  


2008 - Best Uruguayan industrial cheese in the National tasting of Colonia Valdense with the Colonia cheese which is obtained in a final round where all the cheeses that won a gold medal are involved. Gold cheese medal Colonia in the national tasting of Colonia Valdense. Gold medal Emmenthal cheese in the tasting of Colonia Valdense. Silver medal Maasdam cheese in the national tasting of Colonia Valdense Silver medal Petit Gruyere cheese at the Suipacha Argentina Expo. Bronze cheese medal Colonia at the Suipacha Argentina exhibition.  


2009 - Best Uruguayan industrial cheese Emmenthal cheese in the national cheese tasting of Colonia Valdense. Gold medal in Emmenthal, Petit, Gruyere and Colonia cheese in the national cheese tasting of Colonia Valdense. Silver medal Emmenthal cheese in Mercoláctea Argentina. All these awards are an indicator of the quality levels of our products where in these competitions they are subjected to rigorous examinations of the main characteristics within which they stand out: appearance of the cheese, size, shape and distribution of the eyes, color of the dough and flavor This confirms our position in the market being currently referents in the manufacture of cheeses.

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