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Typical Swiss cheese from the Alpine area, world-renowned as the “King of Cheeses” due to its size and recognized taste and aroma skills, in addition to being according to experts the most difficult cheese to manufacture for its quantity of variables that affect its manufacture

In Granja Naturalia we set out to elaborate it in homage to our Swiss ancestors and today we can proudly declare that we have achieved it and be the only ones that are producing it in Uruguay and export it to other countries of the region, in addition to being present in the main chains of our country

Selection of dairy crops brought from Europe, very careful elaborations and maturation with strict temperature and humidity controls for 4 to 6 months achieve an Emmenthal cheese of remarkable characteristics, and has been recognized by European experts as a cheese of exceptional quality and not at all You have to envy the best original Swiss Emmenthal.

Made in large molds


  • Color; Soft straw yellow

    Mass: Elastic, shiny, with the presence of large eyes.

    Eyes: Large 2 to 4cm well distributed and bright, smooth and spherical.

    Flavor (Flavor): Its aromatic tones and flavors remind of nuts, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, delicate spicy touches that vary with ripening, well-balanced sweet tastes with a low level of salty, make the mixture of all determine a unique and unrepeatable flavor in other cheeses.

  • Recommended in cheese board, sandwiches, gratins, grated, accompanying desserts with sweets and especially for fondue due to the remarkable characteristics that it presents when subjected to heat. Always consume it at room temperature, it can be accompanied by a wide variety of fine wines, red, white or rosé.

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