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Now the exquisite Fondue Naturalia is accompanied by Don Pascual white wine to achieve the perfect combination.


  • Fondue is a typical Swiss meal, which spread to the bordering regions of France and Italy. It has given rise to numerous variants and its fame has spread to many countries of the world. It arrives in our country with the traditions of the first Swiss settlers who settled in Nueva Helvecia.


    It is a special preparation for cold climates, it generates an atmosphere of camaraderie and friendship. Its fundamental premise is to share the same dish with those with whom a special bond of friendship or familiarity unites us.


    It has originally been prepared with Emmenthal Cheese, because of its flavor and aroma and the way it melts make it ideal for this preparation. Emmenthal Cheese from Granja Naturalia is the cheese par excellence, with its spherical and bright eyes, the result of a careful effort by our cheese masters for quality. He has been awarded several times in the Cheese tastings, obtaining prizes in his category and the main tasting with the Great Gold Medal for the best cheese.

  • At Granja Naturalia we want to celebrate family and friendship, so we invite everyone to join this centenary tradition and enjoy a simple and practical dinner, available to everyone.

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