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It is a typical Swiss cheese produced in the Swiss Alps, as a difference the Uruguayan petit gruyere is the presence of eyes in the dough since it originally does not present, but for a matter of market here they are made with eyes. In Granja Naturalia he bet on its manufacture, since at the end of the 90s an interesting niche market was generated and today it is the most important of the line of Swiss cheeses that we produce, and even export it. It is a cheese with a maturity of 3 to 4 months under controlled conditions where exceptional flavor tones are achieved during this time and each item is thoroughly released to guarantee the consumer excellent sensory characteristics. This cheese is present in 2 presentations: Petit Gruyere in 7 kg lasts and Gruyere in 50 kg lasts.


  • Color: Soft straw yellow.

    Dough: Elastic, firm, shiny

    Eyes: Spherical, well distributed, with brightness, its size varies between 1 and 3.5cm in diameter, distributed homogeneously throughout the mass and may have some small exfoliation due to its long maturation time.

    The amount of eyes varies in relation to their size between 5 to 15 eyes in the cheese cut.

    Flavor: It is a cheese with a lot of personality, robust in aromas and flavors, but never aggressive. It has a special balance between spicy, sweet, salty and mild acid tones; and in the mixture of all these flavors and aromas an interesting flavor is achieved by others.

  • Recommended for consumption at room temperature, on tables, gratin and especially for cheese fondue, always accompanied by a good red wine with robust characteristics.

    In its nutritional benefits we highlight calcium, essential amino acids, contribution of probiotic bacteria and in its relationship with meat, 100grs of Petit Gruyere is equivalent to 360grs of meat. Low salt content

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