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It is a balanced cheese, with the presence of classic flavors such as lactic acids combined with spicy and sweet. Strong and intense aroma with astringent notes. Persistent taste with bitter touches.


Cheese of Italian origin of long maturation under controlled humidity and temperature conditions. Mass: hard with low elasticity, yellow color. Flavors: Balanced between spicy and sweet, slightly salty, but none of them aggressive on the palate. It is a cheese with a lot of personality, ideal to accompany pasta, chopped and gratin, to pair with strong tannin wines. Suitable for celiacs, low in fat and salt, it is a semi-fat cheese.


  • Shredded: In pasta, soups and sauces.

    Gratin: In baked or grilled dishes.

  • The 10 months of maturation offers consumers a very special flavor. The moisture of the cheese is going to be another differentiation since its maturation by being empty does not cause moisture to lose in the dough. The dough being moist and compact allows better handling when cutting the cheese since it does not flake, ideal for fractionation.

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