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Sbrinz is an extra hard cheese with high fat content, approximately 40% to 45% dry. It must be allowed to age 18 months before it can be sold under this name, and the full flavor is only obtained after 24 to 30 months of healing. That gives you very intense character, flavor and aroma.

He is known as the "father" of hard cheeses. Sbrinz, is considered the oldest cheese, of pressed paste, of Swiss origin. The first mention of this cheese dates from the first century, where Pliny pointed out the existence of a delicious caseus helveticus cheese whose description resembles the current Sbrinz. Other arguments indicate that this cheese was present in contracts dating from the twelfth century. But it is not until the fifteenth century when the Sbrinz takes a reputation outside its borders and according to some documents of the sixteenth century of the State of Bern, they detail the shipment of cheeses from Brienz (central Switzerland), to Italy. In fact, the exchange of Swiss cheeses for rice and Italian wines was frequent at this time.


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